Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

$ 25 USD

Mark Wilson is probably the nation's leading authority on the subject of magic and teaching it. This wonderful course in magic is very well illustrated and gives step by step instructions for creating skillfully crafted magic illusions.  You will find loads of ideas you can make and perform with everyday objects. 

Practice these techniques and you will be a professional magician in no time!

Svengali Magic Card Deck

$ 5.00 USD

The spectator selects a card from an "ordinary" deck and replaces it. The magician riffles through the deck and all of the cards have changed to the spectator's selected card. He riffles them again and the cards have changed back to normal.
Additional Bridge size Empire deck.

Amazing Magic DVD & Bonus Magic Booklet

$ 12 USD

Some backyard fun becomes a Magic Show all the kids in the neighborhood want to see.  Come over and see the show and learn some amazing tricks.  Now that's magic!

Steve Holt's Easy Magic Set

$ 18 USD

This Magic Set has tricks adults and children can learn and use to amaze their friends.  It is moderately priced and affordable for that perfect birthday party gift, wonderful Christmas present and many more festive occassions. 

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Thumb Tip

$ 3.00 USD

Trick: A few of the many effect performed with the thumb tip are making silks, cigarettes, water, salt, etc. appear and disappear.

Magic Gift Bags

$ 6 USD

Magic Gift Bags are packed full of party favors, an Amazing Magic DVD featuring Spencer's Backyard Magic Show for learning some tricks  and includes candy. It is the perfect gift for birthday parties and after the show souvenirs!

Learn to Be A Magician

$ 15 USD

Learning to be a Magician takes practice. Perfect practice makes a perfect performance. Mastering the basic skills, provided in this book, will lead you from these three classes, into a career of full-time magic. If you are looking to amaze your friends and family, they will believe in magic as use the skills, sleight of hand moves, all while using simple objects. Includes some simple items to perform the magic tricks and price includes shipping.

Steve Holt Magic Show Coloring Book

$ 12 USD

Includes magic tricks you can make at home and entertain and amaze your friends. Coloring the pictures will take you on a journey throughout Holt's magical stage career and history of magicians and their shows.

Mobile Restaurant Magician Book & DVD

$ 18.00 USD

Mobile Restaurant Magician is an instructional booklet which gives tips and pointers in how to be a professional strolling magician.  Actually the valuable information can apply to any performer.  Learn: How to Approach the Management and Get the Job, How to Dress, How to Do Business, What To Charge and much more...

As a bonus, a DVD of Steve Holt working in an actual restaurant is included.

Houdini Magic Set

$ 14 USD

Any child 6 years old and above can do a Magic Show with this simple magic set.  Amaze and amuse your friends for years to come!

Nailena by Vickie Holt

$ 12 USD

Nailena is a very well illustrated children's story of how Nailena travels throughout the life of Jesus.  It is the perfect Easter story.

Secrets of Ventriloquism by Steve & Vickie Holt

$ 12 USD

Secrets of Ventriloquism is a beginners basic lesson in how to do ventriloquism, some puppetry and showmanship.  Many have began their careers or hobby with this booklet.

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